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Hyva Truck Mounted Crane HC-241

Hyva Cranes offers a wide product range, all cranes are produced in state of the art production facilities with dedicated research and development teams who are supported by the most advanced CAD equipment on the market today.

The HC truck cranes are telescopic cranes, made to satisfy customers in need of a crane which is compact, lights and easy to operate.


  • Radio remote control
  • Load limiting device
  • Hexagonal section extensions
  • Independent extension cylinders
  • Hydraulic opening stabilizers
  • Flanged valves
  • Assembly Kit
  • Designed in accordance with EN12999-DIN15018
  • Fatigue test classification: B3
  • Oil tank
  • Fittings SAE-JIC
  • Self-lubricating bushings
  • Fixed stabilizer
  • Proportional control valve
  • Light indicator for correct stabilizer stowing (CE)
  • Swivel stabilizer foot
  • Plastic cover on the control station
  • Proportional inclination sensor on second boom
  • Proportional pressure transducer on main cylinder
  • Sensor for correct stowing of the crane (CE)
  • 90%-100% light visible from all around the crane
  • High pressure filter


  • Automatic turning stabilizers
  • Manual turning stabilizers
  • Supplementary elements activations (1)
  • Winch
  • Manual extensions
  • Hydraulic extra extensible stabilisers
  • One-shot lubrication
  • Oil cooler
  • Top seat
  • Mechanical rotation limitation (No CE)
  • Operator full protection
  • Extra cross beams
  • “Green” Oil
ModelsLifting MomentMax Vertical ReachMax Vertical ReachSlewing angleSlewing timeMax working heelWorking pressureCrane weight without stabilizersWeight of stabilizersOil tank capacityOil flowDimensions
tmHydraulic (m)Manual (m)°s/180°°barkgll/minmm B x h x S
HC 241 E121.49.9-3872243252210130382520x2330x1005
HC 241 E2-11.8-3872243252360130382520x2330x1016
HC 241 E3-13.819.93872243252510130382520x2330x1016
HC 241 E4-15.722.03872243252650130382520x2330x1016
HC 241 E5-17.824.13872243252770360 Std.130382520x2330x1016
HC 241 E6-19.926.23872243252890430 Extra130382520x2330x1016
HC 241 E7-22.026.23872243252990130382520x2330x1095
HC 241 E8-24.126.23872243253090130382520x2330x1095
HC 221 E4 J3-23.927.603872243253250130382520x2330x1140
HC 241 E6 J2-25.427.03872243253190130382520x2330x1140
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