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Tilt Tray Winches

Dinamic Oil Recovery Winch

Dynamic Oil’s towing and recovery winches are designed with the concept of ease in mind, i.e. ease of installation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

The design featuring independent elements for the transmission of motion, drum, and support structure makes the winches extremely usable products, with advantages that are immediately appreciated by end users.

Each component, from the cable fastener to the drum release system, is designed to facilitate installation and maintenance.

The main applications for this series of towing winches are:

  • Tow trucks
  • Lorries
  • Rescue and recovery vehicles
  • Machines for farming and forestry use
  • All general applications where horizontal traction is required.



  1. Hydraulic motor (orbit)
  2. Negative Static Multi-Disc Brake
    The brake is released by the pressurised oil and
    closed by the thrust of the disc springs, which release
    the discs when the motor is not running. The
    brake is opened and closed automatically when the
    motor starts and stops.
  3. Hydraulic Overcenter Valve
    This valve, which is mounted directly onto the hydraulic
    motor, prevents the motor losing control of
    the load.
  4. Manual, Hydraulic or Pneumatic drum freewheel
    This mechanism makes drum rotation independent,
    allowing manual cable release.
  5. Planetary Gearbox
  6. Cast iron or steel drum
    The drum is supported by high load capacity bearings,
    with particular attention focused on the cable
    movement, which is facilitated and the cable runs
  7. Support structure, either cast or built with steel
    structural elements
    The structure, which is bolted to the winch, is flexible
    and can be adapted to meet various installation
  8. Fairlead Cable Guide (optional)
    Made of welded metal structural components with
    horizontal and vertical steel rolls mounted on selflubricating
  9. Cable Tensioner (Optional)
    Made of steel rolls on self-lubricating bushings,
    this ensures the cable winds better when there is
    no load applies
Part No.Winch Model1st Layer4th LayerTensioner and Fairlead
T36Dynamic Oil Recovery Winch T363,6002,100Included
T52Dynamic Oil Recovery Winch T525,2003,120Included
T60Dynamic Oil Recovery Winch T606,0003,500
T100Dynamic Oil Recovery Winch T10010,0006,000
T200Dynamic Oil Recovery Winch T20020,00012,000
T300Dynamic Oil Recovery Winch T30030,00030,000
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