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Tadano TM-ZR560 Series (Model TM-ZR566)

Tadano’s TM-ZR560 Series are made specifically to suit medium-large 12-25 tonne vehicles. With a range of boom lengths to choose from, world class technology, unique heptagonal booms and central control panels with AML, the 560 series are a strong and efficient vehicle loader crane for your transportation, rail work, recycling and salvage or drilling project needs.

Features Include:

  • Tadano’s Equalizer Crane Support – Three Point Support System.
  • Working Height Limiter
  • AML system
  • Centralized Control Panel
  • Radio Controller
  • Interlocking Jack System
  • Full circle swing and automatic slew lock.

The ZR865RS, a typical model of the ZR560 series has an enhanced lifting capacity of 3,130kg and is equipped with a hydraulic ultra reach boom of 18.06 meters. In addition, a High-Performance Radio Controller available for the model ensures effective operation by getting various hard jobs done easily and greatly mitigating an operator’s load while at work.

Crane Features:

  • Working Height Limiter (WHL), stop’s the boom at the registered heights via the remote control.
  • The three-point support system, Tadano’s Equalizer Crane Support protects the truck frame from stress. The crane is mounted to the truck chassis with the Equalizer Crane Support that evenly distributes the load to prevent excessive stress concentration at any one point.
  • Radio remote with powerful transmitting output, Liquid-crystal display.
Crane Specifications:TM-ZR566(EF)
Max. Lifting Capacity:3,130kg x 3.5m
Max. Lifting Height:19.4m
Max. Load Radius:17.8m
Boom Length:4.69m - 18.06m
Outrigger Extension:4.8m


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