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Hyva 16/53 Hook Lift

Hyva 16/53 Hook lift supplied to WM waste Management services, fitted with a Hyva Roll Rite tarp system and painted in WM waste company colours.

Hyva 16-53s Hookloader

Scania delivered us a cab chassis, 12 days later, ready for pick up was the completed unit fitted with a Hyva 16-53s Hookloader. A big well done to our team in the Truck Crane workshop for a job completed in record time.

Hyva Truck Mounted Crane

Hyva HB100-E4 fitted to a Fuso 1627 with a 8.2 mtr tray from our friends at Fuso Geelong.

Hyva Hookloader 09-45-S

Hyva Hookloader, Model 09-45-S that we recently completed for WM Waste Managerment Services.

Hyva 22-57 Hooklift

Hyva 22-57 Hooklift fitted to a Milton Group Acco 6×4. Unit is up and running with Milton Group and all going well! They are looking forward to taking delivery of their next two 16-53 Hook lifts.

Hyva Bifold Skip Loader

Hyva 6 tonne Bifold Skip Loader for WM Waste.  This was our first and only Bifold 6 tonne loader to go out, as we will be going to a Telescopic arm from here on in.

Hyva 20-57 Hooklift

As with all Hyva equipment, our hookloaders are strong, robust, durable, operator friendly and inherently safe to use.

This 20 tonne Hooklift we completed for Daimler Laverton, has large 80mm piston rods which guarantee to pick up the heaviest loads quickly and safely.

Hyva 20-57 Hooklift

Pictured is a Hyva 20-57 Hooklift fitted to an Isuzu 8×4 cab chassis. This was our very first to be fitted with the new Hyva Tarp System.

A big well done to our team in the Truck Crane workshop.

Hyva 9 tonne Hooklift

Pictured is a Hyva 9 tonne Hook Lift, fitted to a Hino 1426.
Bound for Tasmania, this beauty has been painted in company colours, fitted with load cells, toolbox and beacons.

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