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Vehicle recovery – whether arising from breakdowns or illegal parking situations – is a major issue in many urban areas and on road networks around the world where abandoned vehicles can cause serious accident hazards and traffic flow problems.

Hyva’s crane-based solution is simple but effective and ideal for situations where it is impossible for conventional recovery trucks to reach – for example, where a vehicle is parked between obstacles, is off the road or in some other place with difficult access.

The crane is mounted on the recovery truck and employs a specialist harness which is securely attached to each of the vehicle wheels. The crane can then lift and manoeuvre the vehicle on to the flat bed of the recovery truck. The crane remains extended with harnesses in position during transit to the unloading location.

This versatile lifting solution includes cranes in the range 7 to 18tm and has the capability to lift cars, SUVs and small commercial vehicles. Cranes are available with radio or manual controls and solutions can be customised to customer preference.

Hyva has the perfect solution for vehicle recovery in difficult access situations. This solution can be seen in action when clicking on the below link.

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